Interviews & Studies

Case Studies

In the Spring of 2019, intern Will Kuenster conducted a series of case studies on some of WMI's borrowers. He looked at who the women were before their loans and how the loans changed their lives. His studies and their results are below:


Women selling their goods at the market

Borrower Write-Ups

The summer of 2019 interns interviewed many of WMI's borrowers. The full write-ups of the interviews are below:


These testimonials were shared by women who have graduated from the basic two year WMI program and transitioned to commercial bank loans. These women built their businesses from the bottom up in a matter of a few years.

Each business woman featured was interviewed in person and asked a wide range of questions about a variety of topics to better understand the qualitative effects of the WMI loan program.

The immediate impact of the loan program is the income each borrower generates from her business operations but how this income affects each borrower and her family can vary greatly. Understanding each borrower's individual story, and what she believes are the most significant changes in her life and her community since the advent of the loan program, provides a more nuanced understanding of the impact of WMI's outreach to rural women in East Africa.