WMI Partners

Andrew Stevenson, Architect Andrew Stevenson, Architect

Mr. Stevenson designed and supervised the construction of the WMI office and community center in Buyobo, which was completed in 2009. The building provides a much needed, centrally- located venue for village activities. Subsequently, he designed and prepared the drawings for a private residence in Buyobo which WMI will be able to access to provide housing for interns, trainers and volunteers. His firm is located in Washington, D. C.

Arlington Academy of Hope Arlington Academy of Hope

Arlington Academy of Hope, a model school in Bumwalukani, Uganda (Bududa District) that is supported by donors in Arlington. VA, is assisting the Bumwalukani borrowers in the Mayi Agiri loan group. AAH is providing access to its computers and offering budgeting assistance and funding for the loans. In addition, AAH will provide resources to facilitate the recordkeeping and business skills necessary for the loan program.

Bakatawamu Information And Development Empowerment (BIDE) Bakatawamu Information And Development Empowerment (BIDE)

BIDE acts as the local sponsor for the WMI village hub loan program in Wabulenga village, outside of Jina. BIDE was formed in Jinja in 2011 to coordinate efforts of various women groups efforts that had hitherto been fragmented in Uganda. BIDE's mandate is to build a strong movement among women groups in Uganda. Its strategic role is to: network, generate and share information, lobbying and advocate for gender equality and equity and to build the capacity of member groups to effectively provide services to the poor and disadvantaged. The organization has 300 members to date 251 women and 49 men. People of the age 18 and above are development oriented and willing to abide by the constitution and are in good standing with community. BIDE is formed and led by women focusing on improving the status of women and promoting equity and equality.

The Law Firm of Baker & Mckenzie The Law Firm of Baker & Mckenzie

One of the largest international law firms in the world, Baker & Mckenzie was founded in 1949 and has offices in over 40 countries. With 1,350 partners, this global law firm has expertise in a broad spectrum of business and legal practices. The law firm provides critical ongoing legal services and consultation to WMI on a pro bono basis. Baker's tax and corporate departments were instrumental in assisting with WMI's original formation. Partner Rob Lewis oversees WMI's account, while Barry Metzger provides expert legal advice on WMI's banking negotiations and transition to insitutional banking program.

Boeing Boeing

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top U.S. exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 90 countries. Boeing provided a grant to WMI to collect survey data from borrowers and prepare advanced business training materials and a banking manual that serves as a guide for all WMI borrowers. Boeing has a comprehensive approach to global corporate citizenship. It partners with organizations around the world to focus on improving those areas that comprise vibrant communities - education, health and human services, arts and culture, environment and civic awareness. In total, $160 million from The Boeing Company, its employees and The Boeing Company Charitable Trust went to help improve lives and communities worldwide in 2010. The funds were distributed through thousands of charitable grants, business sponsorships and in-kind contributions of almost 400,000 volunteer hours by employees giving their time and talent to offer their skills to support non-profit organizations around the world.

Bududa Development Center Bududa Development Center
http://www.bviuganda.org | http://www.bududaprojects.org

Bududa Development Center maintains two programs: the Bududa Vocational Institute (BVI) and Our Children of Peace Program. BVI is a full-time school that offers training in teaching, carpentry, and masonry. BVI will provide resources, materials and finding for loans for the women in the local loan group being formed in Konokoyo village.

Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (CCPC) Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (CCPC)

CCPC in Washington, DC is WMI's partner in operating the loan hub in Shikokho, Kenya. CCPC has been involved in its health care ministry in Shikokho since 1989. CCPC has built a Medical Clinic, Staff House, and the Maternity Wing initially run with solar power and later converted to electricity in the village. It organized local leaders to establish the Shikokho Women's Groups (SWG) to operate these facilities CCPC members are active in on the ground operations, having visited the village in 1995 to officially open the clinic with Kenya's Minister of Health, in 2004 to officially open the Maternity Wing with the local Member of Parliament and in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010 to continue medical initiatives and development. It is the first grass roots rural clinic built in Kenya in partnership with a U.S. church and a local women's group. The Kenyan government holds CCPC's medical effort there as a model for collaboration. In 2012, CCPC and WMI partnered to launch the village loan hub with guidance from SWG. The SWG helped form the SHIKOKHO CHANUKA WOMEN C.B.O which is in charge of loan program operations.

Discovery Communications Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications, LLC, located in Silver Spring, MD, supports WMI through a program to raise funds to add solar panels to the WMI building in Buyobo. With electricity, the newly constructed building will be able to offer a variety of new services for the community. Discovery has also donated 15 lap tops to start an Internet Café© in the meeting room in the building in summer 2010. This will provide WMI's borrowers and all of the local villagers with a much needed connection to the world community.

Eastern Africa Center for Progressive Development Eastern Africa Center for Progressive Development

The Eastern Africa Center for Progressive Development, operating in both Kenya and the USA, empowers women through community development, entrepreneurship, and leadership. WMI is partnering with EACPD to support the loan program administered by the SIKABU Women's Development group in villages surrounding Siaya, Kenya. EACPD will provide resources and support to the women throughout the loan program.

Green Light Apparel Green Light Apparel

Greenlight Apparel is an active lifestyle apparel brand with a mission to empower communities around the globe to rise above poverty. Part of that commitment includes donating 25% of our profits to both microfinance and education programs. Half of that 25% goes to the Women's Microfinance Initiative to empower women to pursue sustainable livelihoods and effect long-lasting and positive change. With every like on facebook, Greenlight is donating an additional $1 to WMI.

With a passion for a healthy and athletic lifestyle, Greenlight produces athletic apparel in a sustainable and ethical way. They start by sourcing organic cotton and technical fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Then they work with Fair Trade certified production facilities to engineer and produce performance products.

The leadership of Greenlight Apparel recognizes that when it comes to poverty, charity is not a sustainable solution. They believe economic empowerment and investing in women and children are the real pathways out of poverty and they're committed to supporting WMI's goal to remove the barriers women face in accessing the financial services they need to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Greenlight business model is concerned about more than just the end result. The company delivers a product that offers something good from start to finish. Partnering with organizations like the Women's Microfinance Initiative allows it to do just that.

Foundation for the Development of Needy Communities Foundation for the Development of Needy Communities

FDNC, located in Mbale, Uganda, aims to create jobs, improve income and increase investment in eastern Uganda. FDNC takes a grassroots approach to development that supports self-reliance and sustainable growth in needy communities. FDNC provides logistical support to WMI. WMI collected donated instruments for the Mbale Youth Band that were delivered in January 2008.

Hope for Ugandan Students (HUGS) Hope for Ugandan Students (HUGS)

Hope for Ugandan Students (HUGS), headquarted in New York City, is an organization formed of volunteers working to identify the needs of orphans and vulnerable youth in Uganda working to satisfy those needs. The organization was founded by volunteers who had traveled to Uganda to work with FDNC in Mbale. HUGS provides student sponsorships, special education needs, health initiatives, and other services to help youth gain the skills they need to support themselves and develop their community. WMI directors support HUGS through student sponsorship and WMI has helped HUGS raise funds through the Parade Magazine Giving Challenge. HUGS provided WMI with organizational and web site advice.

International Monetary Fund Civic Program International Monetary Fund Civic Program

The IMF Civic Program provided WMI with a $10,000 grant in 2010 to expand loan program operations. The grant was based on WMI's submission of its unique economic model for combating poverty.

The IMF Civic Program supports charities in low-income countries, through monetary grants and in-kind donations. The Civic Program is run by the Advisory Committee (CPAC). CPAC members -IMF staff, spouses and retirees- volunteer their time to review all requests for financial and in-kind donations. They often meet with representatives of charities requesting donations and conduct site visits when possible.

CPAC supports grants to non-profit organizations working to help the poorest and disadvantaged emerge from very low-income, socially dependent, and other detrimental and dysfunctional situations. IMF Civic Program funds are for humanitarian purposes only and are separate from the IMF's financial support for member countries and policy programs. Charitable grants and staff donations have totaled over $6 million since 1994.

La Ceiba La Ceiba

La Ceiba is a microfinance institution based at University of Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Its vision is to provide microfinance opportunities to people in developing nations, particularly in Central America. Its first goal is to open a micro-loan and savings program in Siete de Abril, a community located in Ceiba, Honduras. It seeks to establish a group based lending program while also providing entrepreneurial training to borrowers. La Ceiba has promoted WMI at Mary Washington University. WMI has provided La Ceiba with loan documents and training materials to help them with their initial program launch.

Laikipia Community Empowerment Centre Laikipia Community Empowerment Centre

The Laikipia Community Empowerment Centre (LCEC), located in Kenya, works to improve education, health, environmental protection, and economic development. LCEC is working with WMI to provide logistical support for the ladies in the OL Moran Women's Heroes loan group in the village of Ol Moran. The village is remote, about 4 hours northeast of Nairobi, and LCEC's assistance is helping the village women get their WMI loan program up and operating.

Mpambara-Cox Foundation Mpambara-Cox Foundation

The Mpambara-Cox Foundation has set up a variety of programs to partner U.S. schools with schools in Kambale, Uganda. In addition, they collect backpacks, school supplies, and donations to provide children with the opportunities and resources to attend school. In August 2010 the WMI high school interns will spend a day working in the Ugandan schools that Mpambara-Cox supports.

RAIN Uganda RAIN Uganda
RAIN Uganda on facebook

RAIN Uganda (Responding to HIV/AIDS and Intervening for the Needy) is a Ugandan nonprofit run by volunteers that provides education and health resources throughout eastern Uganda. Most of the volunteers are health practitioners who want to share their knowledge with rural populations that lack access to critical information about common health care issues affecting their communities. RAIN Uganda has visited WMI members in Buyobo to provide cervical cancer education, and to conduct cervical cancer screenings and HIV tests.


SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. SAS provides WMI with complimentary access to its JMP software so that each summer college interns can analyze data collected from loan program participants. Created by SAS for statistical discovery, every product in the JMP software suite is visual and interactive, comprehensive and extendible. JMPJMP gives WMI the ability to visually depict the data so that it's easily understood by foundations and corporations that want to support WMI. JMP partners with a wide range of consultants and vendors who include JMP as a key component in their businesses.

UVa Student Entreprenuers for Economic Development (SEED) - The Bluefields Project UVa Student Entreprenuers for Economic Development (SEED) - The Bluefields Project

The Bluefields Project is a microfinance initiative being launched by a team of UVa students in Bluefields, Nicaragua in partnership with a group of businesswomen who have recently developed the Caribbean Women's Credit Cooperative. Funded by a Davis Peace grant, the project will be underway this summer when team members head to Bluefields to help develop business and health promotion trainings and workshops, as well as issue the first round of loans. WMI has provided documents and consulting services to help the project get off the ground.

StudioPalio StudioPalio

The graphic design firm, studipalio, and its principal, Campbell Matiello, provide pro bono graphic design consultation and services to WMI. They have contributed their expertise in preparing WMI loan program materials and web site graphics.

Trees For The Future Trees For The Future

Trees for the Future teaches and empowers rural groups to grow sustainable, renewable forests for agriculture and food, firewood, construction, water collection and animal habitat. They work with local farmers and community groups to help them better support themselves, and to restore degraded lands to sustainable productivity by planting trees that not only thrive in poor soil conditions, but that also benefit the local area in a multitude of ways. Trees for the Future has provided WMI with free training on agroforestry, administered a demonstration on how to create tree nursery beds, and distributed seedlings to WMI members for use in their own gardens.

Visions in Action Visions in Action

Visions in Action works to ensure social and economic justice in the developing world through its programs in the areas of food security, health and education. Like WMI, this group believes that volunteerism promotes the exchange of ideas and helps create a path toward progress.Since its beginnings in 1989, VIA has sent over 800 volunteers to Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Liberia and Mexico.

Wellness Corporate Solutions Wellness Corporate Solutions

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) is a consulting company based in Cabin John, Maryland that focuses on improving health and well-being of company employees in businesses and non-profits around the country. WCS is working with WMI to introduce simple health initiatives for borrowers in the program. The first project will be blood pressure tracking which can be done every time loans are issued. WCS has generously provided a blood pressure cuff and simple instructions to educate borrowers about the importance of maintaining a normal blood pressure. WCS also provided educational information on ways to combat high blood pressure through diet, and borrowers with high blood pressure can begin taking steps to address this problem.