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Mary Makoba selling onions at the Bweri Market

Mary Makoba selling onions at the Bweri Market

Meet Mary Makoba selling onions at the Bweri Market, outside Buyobo, Uganda. Her business generates about $100 a month in profit. With onions selling for about a penny a piece, how does she do it? Volume! Volume! Volume!

Working 6 days a week she and her husband are constantly assessing the market. She buys from traders and farmers when prices are low, then stockpiles onions in a 5 foot square mud hut until market prices to creep up. Onions keep for a long time! Since receiving her first WMI loan in April 2008, Mary has purchased a goat, chickens, farm tools, a piece of land with legal title, and managed to save about $400. Her husband helps her by tying the onions, purchasing and transporting them.

Neither she nor her husband read or write well so their elder son, who is married, keeps the books. Mary has 10 children and WMI loans have allowed her to make enough money to pay school fees easily. Mary says she is saving to build a small shop to operate along with her onion business. When Mary first started in the WMI loan program her household income was about $20 a month. WMI loans have increased her household income by 500%. Your support has made Mary's journey to financial success possible!

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