WMI Internships in Uganda and Kenya

Internships in East Africa

WMI has a formal college internship program for two months during the summer (June-July) at our headquarters in Buyobo, Uganda. The application may be submitted any time after December 1 for an internship the following summer. Occasionally, WMI also hosts summer high school internships - information will be posted by February 1 if a high school internship is planned for that summer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all internships in 2021 will be virtual.

WMI also hosts interns during other times of the year on an as-needed basis. Those internships are a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months in duration. If you are interested in inquiring about an internship opportunity outside of the summer college intern program, please contact us at: wmicontact@gmail.com.

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Uganda College Internships College Internships
Summer Internships in Uganda (and occasionally Kenya) for current college students are for 60 days. Interns live in Bulambuli village (10 miles from Mbale in Sikonko District Eastern Uganda). Interns provide a variety of support services for the WMI loan program, including interviewing borrowers, creating video and photographic biographies, and providing administrative support.

Uganda Highschool Internships High School Internships
Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland organizes a trip for US high school students from around the country to travel to Buyobo, Uganda each summer for a three week internship. They spend their time teaching classes at Buyobo Primary School, providing much needed infrastructure improvements to the school, and learning about the women's businesses and the loan program.

Uganda College Internships Adult Volunteers
In addition to the high school and college internships, WMI welcomes adult volunteers to Buyobo who are interested in getting involved. WMI can host volunteer contingents that implement specific proposals, such as clean water projects or medical screenings. WMI can provide village level infrastructure and support for these types of projects. If you would like to propose sponsoring a project in a WMI Loan Hub village, contact wmicontact@gmail.com.