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2013 College Interns in Buyobo

Uganda College Internships - 2013
Intern Ian White in Bududa

Located in Buyobo, Uganda for June and July of 2013, three college interns were busy at work assisting with WMI operations at the largest loan hub. Apart from providing general program assistance, the interns, Ian White (Notre Dame), Kristi Hill (Tufts University), and Britta Burgis (San Francisco State University), contributed to updates on WMI's blog. Through their blog posts, which contain videos, pictures, and stories, the interns were able to provide accurate and accessible narratives of the borrowers' daily lives at work and with their families. The blog posts also include clips from the Girls groups, a program that has been working with teen-age girls in Buyobo, on HIV/AIDS awareness.

Continuing the ongoing assessment of the loan program's impact on village families, the college interns updated the 2012 fact book to present new data in the ongoing longitudinal study of the most experienced borrowers. Through interviews and completed questionnaires, the college interns were able to provide insight into how the loan program is changing women's business opportunities in rural areas and improving their access to financial services.

The interns also worked on a Testimony Booklet, in which they compiled 10 compelling testimonies about various women's journeys through the WMI loan program, and the impact the loan has had on their lives and families.

To learn more about the 2013 college interns, read their posts on the WMI Blog:

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