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2012 - College Interns

Uganda College Internships - 2012
Our three college interns arrived in Buyobo in early June, 2012. After a warm welcome from the village, including a welcome song courtesy of WMI borrowers, Danielle DaCosta, Xaviera Alvarez and Dan Higgins - from Toronto, Stockholm, and Essex respectively - got to work on the summer's projects, which included conducting borrower surveys and interviews, providing computer training to borrowers and local WMI staff, and interfacing with bank contacts, other NGOs and local government officials. The interns also worked on separate special projects: Danielle and Xaviera created a Luguisu -English pictorial dictionary for local schoolchildren and visitors to Buyobo, while Dan developed borrower questionnaires to gain insight into their lives and businesses, and created the fact book format for data collected on borrower savings. They also coordinated a visit to local officials to talk about repairing Buyobo Primary School.

In the summer of 2010, WMI reported the results of a survey of the first 120 women who had transitioned to bank loans after participating in the WMI loan program for 2 years. The report documented the evolution of the successful businesses launched by these original borrowers. In the summer of 2012, fifty of the original borrowers took part in a follow up survey, run by Dan Higgins with the help of the other interns, which continued to track their business operations and improvements in household living standards and children's welfare. Their ongoing success is documented in this report.

To learn more about the 2012 college interns, read their posts on the WMI Blog:

The Journey Begins - July 3rd 2012 The Journey Begins - July 3rd 2012
Malembe! After a long, tumultuous, sweaty journey, we have arrived in Buyobo. Considering we are going to be here for a couple of months we thought we should start this blog by introducing ourselves.
A Successful First Week - July 8th 2012 A Successful First Week - July 8th 2012
Our first week in Buyobo has come to a close. One of the first things we did was go to Buyobo Primary School to organize our teaching schedules. We will be assisting the teachers in some of their subjects including math, english, PE and arts and crafts...
Update From Buyobo! - July 13th 2012 Update From Buyobo! - July 13th 2012
In Buyobo people continue to harvest their crops and greet us smilingly. With our last weeks in sight, this week we have begun to wrap up our various projects for WMI. We continued the grassroots HIV/AIDS education program at Bulambuli Primary School and Buyobo Primary School...
Goodbye Buyobo! - July 26th 2012 Goodbye Buyobo! - July 26th 2012
We are leaving Buyobo tomorrow. It has been difficult tosay goodbye to all the wonderful people in the village who have made our time here so special. Our two months here have flown by and we can't believe its time to go already...

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