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2011 - College Interns

Uganda College Internships - 2013
Ida teaching at the BWA Staff Seminar

University of Michigan graduate Erin Kelly, University of Maryland graduate Jaclyn Vouthouris and University of Edinburgh graduate Ida Stuve assisted with the July 2011 Loan Issue, created documentary videos about life in Buyobo and worked with the local director to update the budget. They also helped to organize, analyze and provide borrower data to WMI in the US, and provided business and computer training. Both assisted with the supervision of the Whitman High School interns.

Buyobo - Summer 2011 - John FinchJohn Finch traveled to Uganda for three weeks to improve the Internet café that was set up the summer before. He worked to create a system that has allowed the Internet café to be more self-sufficient and cover some of its own costs as well as a stipend for a monitor.

John is an anthropologist from George Washington University. He conducted numerous interviews with village elders, borrowers, and WMI leadership to find out how the WMI loan program has impacted life in rural Buyobo. He prepared a 50-page booklet of his findings entitled, The History and Culture of Buyobo (Including the impact of the Women's Microfinance Initiative loan program). It is a fascinating study based on live, contemporaneous interviews. It was published in 2011 and is available on the WMI website. Click Here to View

To learn more about the 2011 college interns, read their posts on the WMI Blog:

Three Girls and a Goat - July 12th 2011 Three Girls and a Goat - July 12th 2011
Hey everyone! This is Ida writing, the most recently arrived intern with WMI. My first week here in Buyobo has been great! Everyone in the village, including Erin and Jackie has been incredibly warm and receiving...
Graduating From Goats to Babies - July 22nd 2011 Graduating From Goats to Babies - July 22nd 2011
The last week of interning in Uganda is upon us, and Erin, Jackie and myself will be sad to leave all the great people of Buyobo. As I am writing this, the rain is pouring down outside, making the fields ready for planting in second season of harvesting...

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