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2014 College Interns in Shikokho, Kenya

Kenya College Internships - 2014
2014 Kenya Interns Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff and Kaylee Lucas

WMI also has two summer interns in Shikokho, Kenya this year: Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff and Kaylee Lucas. They are working with WMI's partner, Shikokho Chanuka CBO, to train women in computer use, create budgets/accounting systems and expand program operations. Elizabeth majored in Peace and Conflicts Studies at Colgate University. She graduated in 2013 and subsequently participated in a selective post-graduate intensive business seminar called The Fullbridge Program to learn the basics of business terminology and organization. Kaylee was a Religious Studies major at the Univ. of Virginia and just graduated in 2014. She studied collective identity issues which help make microfinance and borrowing groups successful.

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