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2018 Summer Interns in Buyobo

Buyobo College Internships - 2018
(L to R) Lilia Smyth & Cerina Corrigan

Our newest interns arrived at the beginning of June and will be here for 2 months working on data analysis of loan program operations, teaching word games in English to the teachers and students at Buyobo nursery school, working with a small group of orphans for a pilot run of a potential new outreach project and interviewing borrowers!

Lilia Smyth is from the great city of Boston. She loves to learn languages, meet new people, sing and play music, and travel whenever she has the chance. She is passionate about children's rights issues and community development, and hopes to have a long career making the lives of kids and families around the world a little bit better. Currently, she is entering her second year at Leiden University in The Hague, Netherlands where she majors in International Studies with a concentration in Africa and the Swahili language. She has had the chance to learn about the languages, cultures, history, and politics of many places in Africa, but wanted to experience East Africa from a more personal, "boots on the ground" perspective so looks forward to her work with WMI in Buyobo. In her future career, she plans to work in international development and human rights law in Africa,

Cerina Corrigan is from Auckland, New Zealand. One year ago, she packed her suitcase, said goodbye to her family and friends, and moved to the U.S to study Economics at Princeton University. She hopes to initially find a job in the financial sector and then transition into a career that more closely mirrors the work she will be doing with WMI in Buyobo, consulting for an NGO or in working for a development bank. She really likes working with numbers and analyzing data, so is set on finding a job in the business sphere. Cerina loves to travel and has found Uganda to be a beautiful country - she is awed by the mountains that surround Buyobo and Mbale, and by the beauty of the Nile River. Everybody in Buyobo has warmly welcomed the interns, which has made staying in Buyobo a true pleasure for Cerina.

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