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2016 Summer Interns in Buyobo

Buyobo College Internships - 2016
(L to R) Michael Change, Noah Marti, Ashley Van Waes (WMI Resource Fellow), Natalie Andrasko, Javier Eguiara

Noah Martin: Noah Martin will be entering his Senior year at Georgetown University majoring in Biology of Global Health with a pre-med concentration. In addition to the shared internship projects, Noah's main contribution will be to train Village Health Team officials on basic health skills including First Aid, CPR, blood pressure, and heart rate. He is also teaching a P7 classroom on the subject of Science.

Michael Chang: Michael Chang is a Junior at Princeton majoring in Economics. As a University soccer player, Michael is taking the lead on creating a recreational program at Buyobo Primary School. Michael is teaching Math for P7 students. He is passionate about economic development and is looking to gain experience in the developing world through this internship.

Natalie Andrasko: Natalie Andrasko is a Junior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health and Environmental Studies at University of Michigan. She is passionate about women's health and empowerment in developing countries and is implementing a gender violence counselling program for P6 and P7 girls. She is teaching Math and English to P5 students. Additionally, she is teaching entrepreneurial and sexual health to pre-teen girls in the community.

Javier Eguiara: Javier Eguiara is entering his final year as a Business Administration major at Deusto University in Bilbao, Spain. He is pioneering a new program called Boys' Group in Buyobo that will teach P6 and P7 boys about hygiene, sexual health, healthy relationships, and business skills. Boys' Group has just purchased a dairy cow to teach the boys how to manage a small business. Javier plans to pursue a career in microfinance after graduating.

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