Our Goals

WMI's goal is to transition borrowers into the mainstream economy where they live and work. The disenfranchisement of women in rural areas from access to credit and training is a major impediment to sustained economic improvement for households in developing countries. It is extremely difficult for poor women in rural East Africa to access institutional financial services. Typically, they are excluded from access to financial services due to systemic reasons, such as: complicated paperwork, lack of collateral, demands for a male guaranty, unavailability of documents (such as citizenship documentation), unavailability or expense of transportation, and illiteracy.

WMI's long term goal is to remove these barriers through the women's own track record of hard work, business success and an exemplary loan repayment rate during their two year tenure in the WMI Loan Program. By giving the borrowers a chance to prove their bankability, WMI has been able to partner with banks interested in penetrating the rural markets to obtain the customers that WMI has initiated, trained and educated. WMI's own Jumbo Loan Program graduates borrowers with expanding businesses to larger loans and follow up training. Applying this home-grown methodology, WMI is fulfilling its mission of changing the face of poverty, one loan at a time.